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Nature, Dressed for the Holidays, by Judith Burns

Storytellers - November Nature, dressed

Free Choice, by Jennifer Sevin-Sullivan

November 12, 2014

What to do – thinking even now, what is expressed is only my opinion and not meant to offend or upset anyone. Being diagnosed with an illness seems it would be upsetting/frustrating; however I must express that my journey of living with Multiple Sclerosis, has been a blessing far beyond anything I ever imagined. A simple example is of blessing in action in my life: Multiple Sclerosis, while it has taken much, it has generously blessed me with the beautiful connection of everyone here at Storytellers. Everyone here at Storytellers has been an inspiration to me as they live in their own truth. Thank you ALL. Especially those who have told us of your courage and inspiration. I feel extremely blessed that as I understand, G-D has shared grace with me and my family. Some days are easier than others, for everyone, sick or not. When my day is not the best I run through a list of all I have in my life so I can thank G-D.

Carnival, by Christopher Schmidt


Best Friends, by Nicole Davis

Nicole -friends