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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Keepin’ On, by Marcia Boring

by Marcia Boring

I’ve been feeling bored. There have been a lot of things that have been coming up at our apartment. Like exercise, balance, nutrition. I’m not a group kind of person. Trying to get a group to meet people. Most times, I have no problems, just thinking I don’t fit in. I have always been an outdoor person, I talk to animals. I speak my mind. If people don’t like it they need to deal with it. My old apartment, when I first moved there, I was pretty young, like a kid. Some would just, I don’t know the word, but they would ask me their opinions. I think they’re very friendly. I wish I had a letter to tell my opinion. I keep it, or say it out in a different way.

Everybody has put a wreath on their door. I have a stuffed unicorn, and that actually says something to those who come to my door. It’s purple and golden. At first I wasn’t sure. I had a chair with my stuffed bear. In the winter it’s where I put my sweaters and hats. It says “welcome”. People come to my apartment, they knock on the door. I want to put a note on the door to say ‘ring the bell’ so I can hear. I watch Netflix on the computer. Usually I’m out moving, I have to lay on my bed. I don’t have a TV, so I put my music, I put my movie on my computer.

I have my cat, he’s perfect company. I know that for the holidays I seem to come out more, people ask if I’m ok. I need to enjoy me, myself, and I. Changing my laundry, I actually put them in an order: long sleeve, one part, sweaters, another part. I have to really fight but I have a file cabinet – it doesn’t work well for me. I have to work my way.

When I don’t feel well, I don’t go out and share it, I keep it to myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m a clown. I stay in my apartment with my cat, he’s deaf, but he knows. He watches TV with me. When I come out of my shell, I have a smile on my face. Some people have their problems. I need to hear their problems and fix it when I can. It is part of my life goal, whether I can or not, even people I don’t care for. I’ve always taught respect, you have the choice to make friends, and show your gestures. It’s just part of my job. I have a long way but I keep doing my job.

The Things I Remember, by J Bob

by J Bob

I remember all the way back to my mom’s belly. It was a difficult birth – a very long labor. I was a ten pound baby, with a head like a bowling ball. I was a cute and very handsome preschooler. I was a very accident-prone kid. I got in my first accident when I ran my mini-bike into the side of my grandma’s house. I cut my leg open so bad, I had to get 73 stitches. I almost cut my leg off! I am very proud of that scar. When I was seven, I moved to Maryland. I used to get beat up all the time, because I didn’t fit in. I was different from them. I was not such a good student. I used to flunk all my tests. I used to have a very mean Doberman, who bit the left side of my jaw. I still have the scar. Then, my family moved to a new house in another school district. I started lifting weights when I was only ten. I benched 410 lbs when I was just a senior. I broke all the high school records for the whole county. I was very popular in high school. I had a good looking girlfriend. She was a very good thief. She used to steal me my outfits for the first day of school and for whenever I had to go out. My advice is to be careful about what you do and who you are friends with!

Getaway, by Marcia Boring

by Marcia Boring

On August the 18th I began taking a train ride with Amtrak, called a getaway trip. For 3 days, you get your train and have to get off at the inner harbor, Baltimore. I go to my hotel to see all of the sites that are out there. B&O Railroad Museum which should be very interesting. I plan to go see the aquarium. And Edgar Allen Poe has a history there. I’m very excited. It’s the first time to take a long train ride in my new wheelchair. I learned a lot about traveling on a train. If you’re handicapped it doesn’t stop you. It’s comfortable. My hotel is handicapped accessible. I am very interested to see how they put things

It’s very different in a wheelchair, it’s exciting to learn all I can do. It also reminds me, I got a brochure from Amtrak and decided that I wold go from Amtrak to Philadelphia to Seattle to get my ship to go to Alaska. The site, the view must be amazing, so much more opening than taking a plane. Coming back I may go a different way. I have nothing but time.

I feel part of me feels a little trapped. Travel, meeting different people, places, I love that, but I will miss my kitty cat. Maybe I’ll say he is my service cat. He helps me to relax. I’ll send him a postcard.

I’m planning to leave next Monday the 15th and return on the 17th. From this point I feel I need to use my computer for these deals for my vacation and I learn a lot of things that way, from a travel agency. Itinerary from his computer to my computer. I would print if I had a printer. I also had it moved to my trust so that they would release the money for my trip. It is definitely a challenge to get the trip from the trust to release this money.

I am determined, that is my goal. I’ll tell you when I get back.