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Getaway, by Marcia Boring

by Marcia Boring

On August the 18th I began taking a train ride with Amtrak, called a getaway trip. For 3 days, you get your train and have to get off at the inner harbor, Baltimore. I go to my hotel to see all of the sites that are out there. B&O Railroad Museum which should be very interesting. I plan to go see the aquarium. And Edgar Allen Poe has a history there. I’m very excited. It’s the first time to take a long train ride in my new wheelchair. I learned a lot about traveling on a train. If you’re handicapped it doesn’t stop you. It’s comfortable. My hotel is handicapped accessible. I am very interested to see how they put things

It’s very different in a wheelchair, it’s exciting to learn all I can do. It also reminds me, I got a brochure from Amtrak and decided that I wold go from Amtrak to Philadelphia to Seattle to get my ship to go to Alaska. The site, the view must be amazing, so much more opening than taking a plane. Coming back I may go a different way. I have nothing but time.

I feel part of me feels a little trapped. Travel, meeting different people, places, I love that, but I will miss my kitty cat. Maybe I’ll say he is my service cat. He helps me to relax. I’ll send him a postcard.

I’m planning to leave next Monday the 15th and return on the 17th. From this point I feel I need to use my computer for these deals for my vacation and I learn a lot of things that way, from a travel agency. Itinerary from his computer to my computer. I would print if I had a printer. I also had it moved to my trust so that they would release the money for my trip. It is definitely a challenge to get the trip from the trust to release this money.

I am determined, that is my goal. I’ll tell you when I get back.


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