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Keepin’ On, by Marcia Boring

by Marcia Boring

I’ve been feeling bored. There have been a lot of things that have been coming up at our apartment. Like exercise, balance, nutrition. I’m not a group kind of person. Trying to get a group to meet people. Most times, I have no problems, just thinking I don’t fit in. I have always been an outdoor person, I talk to animals. I speak my mind. If people don’t like it they need to deal with it. My old apartment, when I first moved there, I was pretty young, like a kid. Some would just, I don’t know the word, but they would ask me their opinions. I think they’re very friendly. I wish I had a letter to tell my opinion. I keep it, or say it out in a different way.

Everybody has put a wreath on their door. I have a stuffed unicorn, and that actually says something to those who come to my door. It’s purple and golden. At first I wasn’t sure. I had a chair with my stuffed bear. In the winter it’s where I put my sweaters and hats. It says “welcome”. People come to my apartment, they knock on the door. I want to put a note on the door to say ‘ring the bell’ so I can hear. I watch Netflix on the computer. Usually I’m out moving, I have to lay on my bed. I don’t have a TV, so I put my music, I put my movie on my computer.

I have my cat, he’s perfect company. I know that for the holidays I seem to come out more, people ask if I’m ok. I need to enjoy me, myself, and I. Changing my laundry, I actually put them in an order: long sleeve, one part, sweaters, another part. I have to really fight but I have a file cabinet – it doesn’t work well for me. I have to work my way.

When I don’t feel well, I don’t go out and share it, I keep it to myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m a clown. I stay in my apartment with my cat, he’s deaf, but he knows. He watches TV with me. When I come out of my shell, I have a smile on my face. Some people have their problems. I need to hear their problems and fix it when I can. It is part of my life goal, whether I can or not, even people I don’t care for. I’ve always taught respect, you have the choice to make friends, and show your gestures. It’s just part of my job. I have a long way but I keep doing my job.


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