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Monthly Archives: February 2015

“Storytellers”, by Jennifer Sevin-Sullivan

February 11, 2015

As an adult woman I would not imagine myself looking forward to and excited for “Storytellers”. However, as of August 2014, the second Wednesday of every month is my happiness, joy and inspiration. It feels like a blessing from G-D; it is where beautiful angels fill a room at Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester County. By society’s description many people in the room have disabilities. The reality is that the individuals in Storytellers have exceptional gifts and talents! It seems to me, those labeled with disabilities, and those who love and help them, are angels. The second Wednesday of every month, the room fills with exceptional creativity and talent, love, laughter, and healing. Our Storytellers is not only for children; our Storytellers is a place for everyone to enjoy blessings!”