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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Untitled, by Judith Burns

photo (1)

Pumpkin Patch, by Christopher Schmidt

Christopher's Pumpkin Patch

Love: It’s A Beautiful Thing, by J-Bob Elliott

Love, it is a beautiful thing.

It makes your heart go thump thump,

And makes your lips stretch out so far they split,

And your stomach get all tied up in knots.

Spoon Rest, by Gloria Spriggs

Gloria's Spoon Rest

Milestone, by William Zalot

Recently I reached a milestone in my life. No, I didn’t win a race nor did I successfully challenge someone for an elected office. In fact, it’s nothing I’ve ever done, but it is a milestone I have reached due to God’s grace. One may ask what this milestone is. It is the 60 years on earth thus far God has given me. That is His gift to me. What I’ve done with this gift is my gift to God. As this milestone passed, I see the victories. The victories also force me to see my failings, too.

Looking at these things critically can help us to truly change. It can help us to see where we have been, where we are headed and the lives we have impacted either positively or negatively. There is not one of us here today who have done both.

Think about it, have any of us not directed our anger at someone who is en route to our outburst? I know I have. We may have been dealing with some pain, therefore, answering someone sharply.

For myself, admittedly and somewhat shamefully that I use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. I have come to realize that using such means is only a band-aid, repeatedly doing this can have an e lead effect on one’s health, as issues one learns or finds out down the road.

An example of this reparation is for crime. Likewise, guilt may be a driving force on the way we see and treat others. It can paralyze and may prevent or hinder our personal growth. Such guilt can bring on physical and psychological ailments also. Therefore, we need to look at our action and change where we need to change. This is a real milestone.


Untitled, by Judith Burns


Untitled, by Gabriel Morin


Packers, by J Bob

Green Bay picture

Untitled, by Christopher Schmidt




Valley Forge, by Patrick Sullivan

Valley Forge

                                                                                                                                                                              Storytellers - November - Valley Forge