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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Gone, but not Forgotten

black-out poetry by Heather Neely

from text in Phillip Margolin’s Gone, but not Forgotten

black-out poetry is a creative writing technique produced when words remain on a page after covering up other words; thanks to Steven Collier for educating us about the skill. 



As we cheer for team USA at the Rio Paralympics and Olympics, our artist Nick Lang captured our patriotic spirit.


Free Styling through Summer

Hello friends.

Welcome back and thanks for visiting The Storytellers at CPA Blog!

Our August gathering was filled with creative vibes through black-out poetry, free style writing, and gifted pencil drawings. We feasted on a delicious lasagna and gluten free cookies baked by thoughtful Patrick Sullivan.

Over the next few weeks, we will post this month’s creations.

And please, feel free to comment on the posts.


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The Storytellers


Special thanks to the efforts of Craig Rybinski, who shared his Master Gardening skills with our Storytellers.IMG_0910