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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Love is in the fall air…

Love inspired these beautiful bookmarks, decorated as the main workshop this month at Storytellers. Our team organized to make these delights as a thank you to the big-hearted, former SC at CPA of CC – Jennifer Garrett and fiance Ryan Pisano. The happy couple decided in lieu of favors at their wedding that she’d make a donation to CPA of CC in honor of the Storytellers Group. To thank her, we gave her favors after all! A book lover, herself, the group created a fitting favor. May her personal romance novel grow on and on, and we are fortunate to have taken a small part…CONGRATS, Jennifer and Ryan.

The wedding favors inspired two pieces of writing about love and weddings, and we will post them, as well – for your enjoyment.


CPA Storytellers

By Jennifer Sevin-Sullivan

CPA Storytellers…

A safe place

Many a happy face

Individuals come together to share

Talents, artwork, compassion and care

There are many hugs and many smiles

Many people come together across the aisles.

Ladies and gentlemen. Together. Share their souls and hearts,

Sometimes in artistic creation or words. So many places to start…

Storytellers is the official name we use.

It best describes friends together sharing views.

It is a group of many individuals sharing inspiration, strength, and hope.

It is truly inspiring the compassion, abilities and support shared.

It is a blessing from above,

Time together, we cherish and love.

Guess Who?

By Tonya Rhodes

The first time I ever met her, she was this happy, loving and caring young girl.

She grew up with two sisters and a loving mother. She was always conscientious in everything she did; very active at school, church and a member at several clubs in school.

Guess who?

Her friends always admired her and wanted to be around her all the time. They were in classes together in high school and competed for who could get the best grades in Chemistry.

Guess who?

Time is moving on and high school graduation nears. It’s graduation time and decisions and acceptance to college have been made. With tears and joy, the day has come when she leaves everyone she knows and starts another journey of life.

Guess who?