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Monthly Archives: December 2016

‘Tis a beautiful season

Thanks to our guest Master Gardner, Craig Rybinksi, Storytellers created some festive holiday arrangements. Styles varied from wide with ribbons to tall and berry-filled. No matter the approach, we all had fun and are so grateful for the generosity of Mr. Rybinski.

Finally, check-out the new website for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester County. In addition, ’tis the season – if you like what you see here, consider a donation to the non-profit through which this Storytellers community is made possible (there is a link to donations at the CPA of CC website).


by Jennifer Sevin-Sullivan


the following is a tender reflection from thoughtful Jennifer, appreciative when a fellow Storyteller made she and her husband a holiday arrangement when they missed the annual, joyful event


As the pumpkins and the trick or treaters fade away, the blowing leaves guide us toward a busy holiday season. The holidays mean so much to so many. For each person, holidays hold very special, specific and unique meaning and memories.

For some people, holidays are a time of families and friends, coming together, sharing delicious food in a warm inviting home; seeing loved ones who have been apart for lengths of times which make one’s heart hurt.

It is a time of remembering the reason, reasons for the season…

It is a perfect time to make a list of everything we each have in our lives to be thankful for. Next up we have an opportunity to celebrate and recognize miracles. It is a chance to share, whatever – food, clothing, love, time, toys, whatever, anything, something- with our neighbors.

Please remember we are all neighbors. 

Finally, we can recognize and reflect about the blessings and healing received the last twelve months. We also have an opportunity to choose goals and priorities for the fresh coming twelve months. It is a very happy, fulfilling feeling and time.

Also, there are those who wish they had a warm place for the holidays, a roof over them, a bed to sleep in, the chance to hug a loved one they will never see again; share some food, enjoy a meal with someone other than the hollow echos of cold streets.

There are those that can’t get sick of Christmas Carols because they never get to hear them. Their bellies are not filled because they have no holiday, let alone holiday food or holiday meal.

No one asks for such life experiences. This Holiday Season 2016, may we share with at least one other what has so freely and generously been shared with us. Holiday Season 2015 – it was the kindness, hope, love and time shared by the compassionate Storytellers that inspired myself and my husband to continue forward. Storytellers compassion, kindness, love and time has a true lip line of inspiration. Thank you!

We are the most grateful!

Happy Holidays.



by Kyle Keech


When scribbled quickly, my words look a mess.

They do make sense, I swear.

Anyone trying to decipher them will certainly pull out there hair.

When typed, in print, colored and large,

They’ll flow…

So I know this “poem” ends now.