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Monthly Archives: January 2017

2017 by Steven Collier

The cosmic needle is reset, sinking into its well-worn groove.

The vinyl record we call existence, crackles to life as the little blue planet begins yet another revolution around the sun.

Spindle of the universe.

The same familiar tune starts for the 36 millionth time.

We’ve heard it before. We’ll hear it again.

The only question is if it’s be an A or B side.

“Dear Kyle” by Kyle Keech

Dear Kyle,

Okay man, this year – you already know is special.

The number of things going for you is tremendous. Business is better than ever, your physical well being is something to be proud of (best shape of your life, motivating to others, your ticket to independence financially, physically, spiritually).

Career-wise, you have more and more people joining your team, putting their health and wellness first in their lives.

Just this week, we got our first youth wrestler on our page and successfully networked with a guy in a brain injury support group on Facebook, added two videos of him walking, to my page.

Yep, looks like it’s going to be a good year!

Smashed by James Elliott

It was  December 31st  and New Year’s Eve was upon us.

Me and my buddies were going to  Hammer Jacks that evening. But first, I had to go to work. I did electrical work and got shocked almost every day , oh so bad. I was starting to lose my brain, and eyesight. After I finished work and passing many electrical currents through my body, I went to Annapolis shock trauma, and they were concerned about my heart and brain, but that didn’t stop me  from going to Hammer Jacks that night with my buddies.

I saw my ex there, all by herself, and all I could do was laugh at her. But all she could do is laugh at how bad I looked from having all of those currents flowing through my body.

Me and my best friend decided to have a drinking contest as to who could drink the most grape Mad Dog 2020., and I won ! 30 shots !  I was smashed so bad.

Winter by Patrick Sullivan


New Year, New Projects!

January Storytellers bustled with productivity. Our artists and authors worked alongside one another – some producing poems, others short stories, and many creating snow globes to honor the winter wonderland we have going on outside.

It was a pleasure to be part of the New Year energy, including an exciting brainstorm with talented author Steven regarding ways to increase engagement and purpose with our blog.

Keep checking in, 2017 may be our sassiest year yet!

Entries that will post soon: artwork by Patrick, poetry by Kyle  and short pieces by Steven and James.