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Smashed by James Elliott

It was  December 31st  and New Year’s Eve was upon us.

Me and my buddies were going to  Hammer Jacks that evening. But first, I had to go to work. I did electrical work and got shocked almost every day , oh so bad. I was starting to lose my brain, and eyesight. After I finished work and passing many electrical currents through my body, I went to Annapolis shock trauma, and they were concerned about my heart and brain, but that didn’t stop me  from going to Hammer Jacks that night with my buddies.

I saw my ex there, all by herself, and all I could do was laugh at her. But all she could do is laugh at how bad I looked from having all of those currents flowing through my body.

Me and my best friend decided to have a drinking contest as to who could drink the most grape Mad Dog 2020., and I won ! 30 shots !  I was smashed so bad.

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