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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Blue Abstract By Michael Thomer


Field with a Fence By Patrick Sullivan


Rocks/Paperweights By Gloria Spriggs


Bunny By Christopher Schmitt


Nothing Interesting Happened This Month by Steven Collier

My Childhood hero Adam West is dead.

The Bat Phone shall never ring again.

This is a terrible blow, as if there was ever a time America needed civically minded vigilantes,

It’s in this accursed year of our lord 2017.


Maybe some new icon of virtue will take his place, step up to fill his tights!

But, I doubt it.

They’ve had since the 60’s to materialize,

and all we’ve got is a slew of glorified psychopaths with no regard for due process.


I know bureaucracy isn’t exciting or sexy, but it’s fair.

60’s Batman only apprehended suspected villains

and handed them over to the court system

for society at large to see “justice” done.


The world is too small for renegades.

We need to work together

to keep the whole system from falling apart.

I’m getting sick of mavericks.


I want my Batman back.

I want some more community organizers.

Out Fishing at Hibernia Park By Nicole Davis

It was a beautiful sunny day on the 10th of May. It was time for annual fishing at Hibernia Park. It is a day for people with different disabilities to go fishing. The day is a lot of fun. It is fun to socialize with other people while we try to catch fish. There are men there to help with putting the worm on the hook and they also help with reeling, casting and releasing them if need be. Lunch was also provided. I think everyone in my group caught a fish. All in all it was a great day.

June Storytellers

May Storytellers: Mandalas & The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Easter Beats By Derrick Walden

Easter can be a lot of different things, jellybeans and everything. A reminder of spring.

Looks inside the Easter basket, what you see is bright artificial grass, a chocolate bunny.

We think he don’t have no feelings, he’s just hanging out.

Worried he could get taken and unwrapped.

All he can think about is getting back inside the sack.

And you wondered what that rabbit was speaking, “Hasn’t been eaten?”

My Niece, Cristal By James Elliott

My niece, Cristal, is a new mom, and she is pregnant. She is expecting and I think that she has a lot of baby goods left over so she ought to know what to do. Her husband ought to thank God because she is giving him a new life that he can call his own., but he will be a good father, just like she will be a good mom.

Riley is very special and lovely, she takes after her mom.  I am happy that I will be there for it is a special day for her to be turning six. I can’t believe it, her mom ought to be happy that she is around for Riley’s sixth birthday, and I am glad that I will be there to enjoy it.