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Nothing Interesting Happened This Month by Steven Collier

My Childhood hero Adam West is dead.

The Bat Phone shall never ring again.

This is a terrible blow, as if there was ever a time America needed civically minded vigilantes,

It’s in this accursed year of our lord 2017.


Maybe some new icon of virtue will take his place, step up to fill his tights!

But, I doubt it.

They’ve had since the 60’s to materialize,

and all we’ve got is a slew of glorified psychopaths with no regard for due process.


I know bureaucracy isn’t exciting or sexy, but it’s fair.

60’s Batman only apprehended suspected villains

and handed them over to the court system

for society at large to see “justice” done.


The world is too small for renegades.

We need to work together

to keep the whole system from falling apart.

I’m getting sick of mavericks.


I want my Batman back.

I want some more community organizers.

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