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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Passions Beauty by Derrick Walden

The gecko catches the flies

The palm trees show a small island

That is not that much

But it’s the beauty that they touch

The palm trees don’t have many leaves

But it’s the beauty that you see

The high speed catches all the speed and

slows it down

The red bird in the middle stays focused on the middle

The purple flowers

Give it purple power

The End

New Beginnings by Steven Collier

Hot dang! It’s a New Year! Fresh starts! Another chance! New opportunities! Boy Howdy! Yip-Yowza!

What a freaking crock.

C;mon. People, I’m all for positive thinking; but let’s call a bloody spade a spade. Nothing has or will change because we have to struggle to remember writing an “8” at the end of all our checks and forms for the next few weeks.

Hope is in insidious illusion, folk. A mirage in the desert of life. Chasing it will lead you to nothing but ruin.

That sounds a little harsh. Doesn’t it? Okay… how do I make my nihilism more perky and upbeat?

Look hope is a trap. I’m not moving on that. It’s the emotional equivalent of buying a lotto ticket.

No guarantees. One in a million odds. You’re just out another $10.

If all those articles about “New beginnings” and what we should look forward to were honest, they’d be entitled “What I meant to do for the last 5 years but have yet to move on.”

Folks, there’s a time to cut bait. It’s tough. But, we gotta be honest with ourselves. How many of our resolutions are we really committed to seeing through?

Sure, I want sick ecs. But, how likely am I gonna do the legwork-er-core work to see them realized? Slim to nil.

Keeping it on my resolution list will only ensure I have an ugly, perceived failure obscuring my vision of anything I’ve actually accomplished.

Hope. Second chances. Blank slates. They’re comforting lied used to sell cross-fit programs and diet pills.

What is real is change. And that is a continuous event, it doesn’t grace us one night a year. No. Change is- well it’s just what we get. It’s the natural state of the universe.

Look around you; everything upon our Earth, amongst our friends, even across the stars is in a constant state of flux.

Now look within. Because that same energy is in you, and you can tap into it at any time Change doesn’t happen to us. We’re made of the stuff. We happen to us. We are both spark, fire, and smoke to the cleansing fires of our being.

Or to quote my fellow chipper optimist: Nietcze:

“One most have chaos in themselves to give birth too a dancing star.”

Well, I dunno about you, but today I’m feeling loaded on chaos. And while I don’t believe in “hope”, per se. That makes me feel something pretty close to it.

Here’s to change.

Happy New Year.

Here’s to new beginnings!

This month Storyteller’s got into the spirit of the new year by making Vision Boards reflecting their goals for the upcoming year! Everyone was able to bring their creativity to design a vision board unique to them.

Special thanks to staff member Amanda for bringing in so many magazines to use for inspiration.

Looking forward to our Valentine’s Day meeting! -Lillie