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Monthly Archives: May 2018

First thing I’d like to do in Spring… by Derrick Walden

First thing I’d like to do in Spring

Is try to build my own racing car and everything

With new technology like a magic ring

You see how fast it can go

When it does its thing

With perfect timing and decisions

Where there is no collision nor accidents on the track

And safety to drive everywhere

With no time to spare.

And where you can sit back and relax, have a cappuccino and just look back.

Then you will feel the time lapse.

Then you wonder if you are sleeping at that wheel ‘cause you know with time and space, going through that tunnel vision, that’s like when you’re driving a racing car.

You sense the speed and it’s like your time slows down, ears catch up to the sound.

That’s like a racing car, and the things you can do, what I’d like to build…

If I was given that chance to build.

What if there was no tragedy in Romeo and Juliet… By Derrick Walden

What if there was no tragedy in Romeo and Juliet,

They met in the woods where love was all good.

Parents never got upset, they’d remember how their first love was met, when they were young kids as well.

No potions on the wall.

Romeo said I’d approach these realities and give Juliet all the time that she needs.

Showing up to love what it takes to beat detest. Love would explain the rest.

Maybe then parents can remember when love was at its best, when love was full of heart…

Where parents remember their start and in this way there were no rules set in place and Juliet and Romeo had that new reality on love and learned what it took to accomplish love,

In that new reality, the treasure chest.