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Monthly Archives: January 2021


Our themes this month: Fresh Beginnings: The promise and/or challenge of an empty calendar.

A poetry prompt: Ode to the New Year, or, Good Riddance to the Past. 

Our artwork challenge was to start to trace a shape and then to complete the shape freehand to make a new piece. Complicating that was to change to non-dominate hand half way through.

J. J.

Good Riddance to the Past
So long to the Past
being a sentimentalist…can I really let you go?
While I have many pleasant memories to look back on
I am finally able to admit
that some no longer serve me
dump the unneeded data!
the Universe is watching and
history remembers everything
Let them go!
they are but the wake behind your boat
and yes, it is your boat…that only you can steer
your seamen experience exceeds that of your co-captain
after all you taught her to drive
she’s told you she no longer wants to be behind the wheel of your boat
it’s time to be the captain of your own boat man!
so prep it before you set sail
and sail you will
you don’t need to walk
to be a man of the sea
get your sea legs man!

Ode to the New Year
To this year… you won’t recognize me
as a child you heard those in your condition
referred to as “invalids”
dump that data!
you are not in-valid
you’re anything but
2021 will be your year to break free
dude!!, it’s your year…21 is your number
remember the joy it brought you
when you were officially given that number?
when you donned your first official middle school football Jersey
back then you wanted to catch like “Branch”
but now you are the mighty tree
thank you 2021

N. D.

K. H.

Much like a birthday the new year brings new challenges goals and expectations, that keep you,
from being focused, on realistic goals that might initially feel attainable, only in your thoughts.
The commitment to these goals are earnestly obtainable if only in your head. This year however
nobody’s resolution is written in stone giving Covid- 19, the World’s newest scapegoat. Covid-19
has become the Fall Guy for a lot . Many of our goals have become contingent upon covid-19
such as travel, exercise, healthy living are all things that have become the rationalized excuse
for less than positive outcomes. Thinking of goals for the new year should have started maybe
at Thanksgiving. Which would give you time to reflect on edits,cancellations, deletions.or
reformulations of obtainable conditions to ensure some level success.

I am determined to do something special for my birthday 2021. A celebration of life while I can
still participate. I’m learning this year how to be comfortable with asking for what I want and to
being okay with raising my expectations for what success looks like for me. Some goals can
only be measured by the eye of the beholder. I want to be conscious of what happiness feels
like and looks like again. Spontaneous laughter is a precious gift in the eye looking through the
kaleidoscope offering a multitude of picturesque outcomes. If nothing else, this year I want to be
conscious of all my Windows of opportunity and my blessings the whole year through.

A. R.

N. P.

Covid Calendar
Empty pages lie ahead
As the year begins.
What will fill the destiny
Of my unmarked days?
Stretches ahead
Many more months
In isolation.
Encroach my mind:
Political pain,
Pandemic grief.
Zooming at me
From the void
Of social distance.
Faster cures,
Common joys
And human touch.
Connecting hearts,
Reaching ears,
Opening eyes.
Twelve more months of brokenness
As the year begins?
Or shall I pencil tentative
Reminders to have hope?

— Nick Pentzell (2021)

Momma Kim