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Monthly Archives: April 2021

April 2021

Metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing into a completely different one.

We offered rocks to represent one form and our members had the option to change the rock into something else or to write about change.

Writing prompt – What is one thing about the world that you want most to change?

Artwork by – N. D.

The One Thing I Would Change About the World

If I could change one thing about the world today it would be to restructure the housing system
in this country. It is too easy to become homeless especially in our world today. No one
purposely sets out with the task or goal of becoming homeless. I’m sure that in a perfect world
we would all have a crystal ball to show us just how to maneuver around those potholes of life.
I know that background and credit checks are essential to getting to know who your tenants
are. There should be a system much like how repayment of student loans
Which based on your ability to pay. Rent should based on an affordable percentage of your
household income. I guess really the cost of living should be affordable to all.

Written by – K. H.

Artwork by – A.R.

Clean Air, Lakes and Rivers

I would like to see the world learn a valuable lesson from this pandemic that may be the key to the human race surviving on the planet we cohabitate. I want us all to be survivors.

While I want the human race to prove it’s supreme intelligence, that many believe to be true. I hope the majority of our species learn from this once-in-a-century experience, that the approach we are taking is destroying our home. The evidence could not be clearer.  One only needs to look to the few months after this worldwide pandemic began, when those in the fast lane had no choice but to merge into the slow lane. Many had no choice but to think more on a global scale. While I’m sure there are many who weren’t able to grasp the concept that the speed and way in which we live is unsustainable. For me it was when I saw photos and video showing comparisons of the new clean air we experienced in the spring of 2020 across the globe, to the poor air quality so many expose themselves to, either knowingly or unknowingly.  Then there were the photos /video oƒ bodies of water around the globe, such as Venice, Italy , where for the first time in many years , water was so clear that fish could be seen in the canals, where now normally all that could be seen was cloudy muddy water.

How many more will suffer before our human race learns we are all brothers and sisters and need to look out for one another? Will it ever become obvious to those unable to grasp the concept now? My fear is that the human race is moving at too fast a pace, to slow down in time. But I am an optimist, and I truly believe, “where there is a will , there’s a way. May we all have the will, and may the way find us.

Written by – J.J.