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MAY 2021


If you had a window looking into anything, what would you see?

Just a Glimpse of Heaven 

If I had a special window that could give me a “Calgon Take Me Away Moment” I would like my window to provide me with a glimpse of Heaven.  

Some days I find myself in awe watching the formation of the clouds,which in my head,seem to conceal a much different realm of life “way beyond the blue.” 

I have so many questions about Heaven  and our loved ones who passed on before us. 

I will spare you my many questions. I’m not in a hurry to go to heaven anytime soon.

I often wonder what the aging process looks like in heaven..

I  ask only because, I have daughters there. Krystyna  Louise’s departure from our world, as we know it after a year and 20 days of life.  If I knew I’d only get to hug her.for

a limited time I think I would have spent that time with her so differently. 

Jasmyne Vernice,

 the middle child passed away 38 days before her 30th birthday. Somewhere in my head. I just knew she’d be here with a family long after my own passing. 

My girls never got to see or know each other  here on earth. I’m sure they are making up for lost time now ,because their spirits passed each other. I believe they knew each other long before they knew anything about this life and their role in it. 

These two events left me 

broken beyond measure.  I’m working at healing  a shattered heart and body mind and spirit. 

The scriptures say choose you this day. Which refers to something else entirely, but given my 12 week or more battle with Covidi I had a choice to a make, a choice of life or death. 

I told God that I wanted to live  but that is a testimony for another day.

I want to know who  sings, rocks, plays with  or comforts the little ones that arrive in heaven way before their parents do?  I picture youthful  grandmothers meeting their needs.

Do the little ones 

 grow up in heaven?or will it seem like time stood still waiting?

Does it rain in Heaven? I imagine that it does because I picture so many beautiful flowers everywhere.

Just a glimpse of heaven would assure me the order of things are still intact. A glimpse of heaven would give me some assemblance of solstice. 

These questions will resolve themselves as its meant to be answered …. Thanks for the opportunity to dare to dream if only for a little while.

Written by – K. H.

If you had a window looking into anything, what would you see? 

If I had a window looking into the future, in addition to things I cannot imagine, I would see my daughters grown with families of their Own. I would see how well , or how poorly, Barbara and I did teaching them important life skills they will pass on to their children. Or… they will teach me , better ways to communicate with their children. 

I see the recent breakthrough in viral medicine treatments accelerating the ability to alter illnesses as we now know them. 

While I am usually optimistic about the future, our recent reality doesn’t leave me feeling very hopeful. However…when the going gets tough-

Written by – J. J.

Artwork by – N. D.

Artwork by – A. R.

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