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June, 2021

Exploring our senses –

Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, and Touch, oh my!

Artwork by Momma Kim

Sounds in the Morning.

The first sounds I heard today happened early even before my alarm sounded to wake me up was the sound of my air conditioner running to keep it cool.  Once I turn off the AC which I can do while still in bed because it has a remote.  The next thing I hear are the birds singing and sometimes I just lay there and listen until the sound of a guitar strum starts to play which is the sound of my alarm. I then become more aware of the ticking of my clock on the wall.  Those are the sounds that start my day.  I start to move my hands and kick my feet which makes a rubbing sound against my sheets. The slight thump my feet make as the hit floor when I get out of bed and then the sound of footsteps as make my way to the bathroom.  The click of the switch as I turn on the light and then the sound of running water as I prepare to take a shower.  At this point I can hear my neighbors’ footsteps as she starts her day.  Those are the sounds I sometimes hear as my day begins.

Written by N. D.

The Eighth Sense

I was pondering the prompt for this writing session. As usual my perception of the task at hand takes a connotation, or wanders down the road less traveled by many…

I found that traditionally there are 5 senses in humans. not in any particular order) our senses sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

If we look beyond those traditional sense there are two more movement and body positioning which brings our total to seven senses. 

Here is my thinking way outside the box.   I want to say I have an eighth sense which connects me to one other person in this world like no one else. My twin sister.

Our beginning details have as many craters as the moon’s surface. When there no specific details to your history one can keep or change timelines of significant details, depending on who the editor is, rewriting the beginning.

Now where was I?  The eighth sense.

There are countless stories of how twins communicate through osmosis.   My twin sister and I share what I would call an eighth sense. There have been times when my sister was experiencing a health crisis and my eighth sense has urged me to call her that instance.

When my sister travels in an airplane my ears generally pop as the plane lands.  My sister went on a cruise and experienced sea sickness from my couch at home. When my twin went into labor I felt the remnants of her labor pains.

I can’t even count the number of times we showed up to an event in similar attire or color coordinations like we planned it.

The uniqueness of being twins

I’m sure they’ll be many more twin sensory experiences.

Written by K. H.

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