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August 2021

Art prompt:

Finger painting!

Writing prompts:

You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours. When it finally opens, what do you see?


Take three random nouns and write something including them.


His allegiance abandoned,

He gazed through his window 

At the buildings

From his office perch.

Then leaving the firm

And his profession,

He walked past

Looks of condemnation,

Averted eyes,

And backs

As firmly shut as doors.

In the elevator

His only way was down.

Was it a bee in his bonnet?

Or more a matter

Of honor and pride?

He had played along

Longer than was wise,

Deaf to the buzzing

Of conscience,

Blind to the shadows cast

By doubts,

Until one day

His moral disability

Became a liability,

And he found his tongue.

Breaking muted silence,

He spoke of the evil

He’d seen and heard.

To many, truth is a relic

As antiquated as

A schoolchild’s



Yet as the lift,

Which one time bore him


To fame

And fortune,


His long 

Descent from the infirm firm

Of lying, 


Corporate monkeys

Brought him ever nearer

To his honorable self

Whose feet were on the ground.

Written By Nick Pentzell (2021)

Artwork by A. R.

Artwork by Momma Kim

Artwork by N. D.

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