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Monthly Archives: May 2022

May 2022

The art prompt for May was to choose a person or people who matter most to you in life and create unique art for each.

Writing Prompt for May:

1.Write a story involving a friendship between two different species.

2.If you have a pet, describe their day from their perspective.

3.Silence. How do you feel about silence? Does it make you uncomfortable or do you like it?

Silence is church bells.
Ringing, Ringing
Divinity, relief, tacit lacrimae
Silence is doors shut, voices swept
Choices made, baited breath
Another time, another way
I’ll hear it all another day
Tacet sunt lacrimae

Whats left is gone
Tattered flags and gas stop ruins
Apothecary’s of no use
tincture, powder, no panacea, no fruit
A poison for the fairy
Bottles on shelves, a noose to carry

By Anonymous.


Artwork by A. R.


How do you feel about silence? Does it make you uncomfortable or do you like it? 

I love silence. I am very comforted in this place. 

I embrace it and return to this place at least once a day. In this space, one can encounter  the infinite. Within us all there is a silence in the gaps between our thoughts.  

I once read… 

“Within us all, there is a quiet place we can go and be ourselves”. I remember thinking,  “this can’t be too difficult”, and soon learned this is not always so. Somehow one can easily  get lost going such a short distance. Like learning anything else, it requires persistence and  practice. 

When I am feeling “less than”, either physically or emotionally, I simply close my eyes and  attempt to transcend to this place. In this place I am not limited or disabled. I simply am. 

Some don’t enjoy silence. It may be a lonely place. It can be peaceful , liberating, irritating, scary or blissful. 

As much as I love silence, I don’t really get to experience it. I have tinnitus in both ears, so  there is always a slight ringing. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. 

Maybe I just love the concept of silence. 

Author – James Joyce

Artwork by Momma Kim