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JUNE 2022

Summer solstice. Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), the height of its brightness, and the beginning of summer. The summer solstice is analogous to the full moon—a time of celebration, culmination, climax.

Storyteller writing prompts for this ancient celebratory time of year!

1). In summer, we find fierce fire energy raging through the forests. Forest fires have the potential for astonishing destruction. But, that destruction serves a purpose: it clears debris from the forest floor, it kills off disease and illness, it enriches the soil, it provides habitat for new life. Summer is the ideal time to invite that fire energy into our lives – use that fierce fire to burn away the things you’re resistant to letting go of.

 2). Imagine a world where daylight operated differently: Perhaps four hours of sunlight is followed by four hours of darkness. Maybe inhabitants enjoy 24 hours of daylight followed by 24 hours of nighttime. Or maybe the night never comes at all. What impact do these light/dark changes have on the world’s inhabitants?

3). Design your perfect summer day. What does it look like? Who is with you? What activities are you enjoying?

4). Admire what is shining in your life.Where are you finding joy and inspiration?
What people, habits and places are supporting you?

5). Write about your summer rituals.

Art prompt.

Paint, doodle, collage or use clay to create your summer joys!

How We Move

Collage by Mama Kim

Summer Joys

Artwork by A.R.