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What is Storytellers?

Storytellers is a group that captures snapshots of life through writing, drawing, painting, crafts, nature and music.

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester County. Every month, we invite participants and their family members, friends or caregivers to join us for an inclusive gathering.

We provide a welcoming place to allow people to connect and share their unique point of view. Our group begins with a short welcome, a 45 minute ‘workshop’ period and then an optional share time for members to showcase their work. Group members and staff provide each other with support and encouragement. It is truly a wonderful thing to experience. As one group member described, “the second Wednesday of every month, the room fills with exceptional creativity and talent, love, laughter, and healing”.

We invite you to join us and continue the conversation. Through this blog, experience the art and stories, and please leave comments or questions.

For more information please contact Storytellers Staff Р Jessica Honig at (610)-524-5850 or


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