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APRIL 2023

Our theme for April is Create something inspired by color.

Art prompt is to use a single color -blues, oranges, yellows, purples, reds, or greens to create a painting. 

Writing prompts:

Pick a color that provokes a memory for you and write about it. 

All the pretty colors…..

What color do you feel like today and why?

I picked the color green, and starting at the very top of the canvas which has a small amount of green mixed with a good deal of white, working my way to the trees, which are much less green mixed with a good deal of black, this was my final result. Artwork by Momma Kim.

The Illusion of Color.

I feel this is the season for a variety of colors. It seems like everything comes to life in the form of color. As a person who coordinates colors when crocheting projects for others. Colors really speak to me.  Rainbows seem more prevalent in the Spring,  Colors for me dictate and or expresses  moods presented in the rainbow after rain.   Prisms are capture in the sunlight on a bright and sunny day. There are prisms in our wardrobe that notifies  of how we feel like showing up in the world on any particular day! Colors fascinate me combinations of color but as I see the color palate of Pink has changed in a litany ways. I feel like the prism of pink is much more than the fusion of red and white. I think Crayola and Redheart would agree. Fuchsia doesn’t look like it used to Coral  and Rose gold is now included in the color palette of pink. It has been my experience that is very difficult to match two pinks so pink is not pink or at least it’s not consistent you know to coordinate similar shades of pink colors.

Today’s dye lots make us question our vision because It seems that color pallets are continually changing over time.

Artwork and writing by Karen H.

Artwork by Alexis

Artwork by Becky L.

Artwork by Matt L.

Artwork by Michael U.

Artwork by Chris S.

Artwork by Kim S.


I am thinking of the color of lavender/Lilac because that was the color of the dress, I wore in my best friend Melinda’s wedding.  I was her Maid of Honor and the reason I am thinking about it is I was going through my closet, and I saw it hanging there and it brought back memories of that day and how much fun it was. This year will be their 21st wedding anniversary.   I can’t believe it was that long ago.  I was so excited to be her Maid of Honor.  Melinda and I have been friends for a very long time, and I look forward to visiting her and her husband Mark every summer. I am very grateful for their friendship, especially Melinda!


MARCH 2023

Art Prompt:
Doodle Art. We’ll be using a pad of paper and colored pencils.

Writing Prompt Options:
-If I could make one promise to myself it would be…
-The world’s oceans dry up – who or what survives?
-You open the bathroom door and find the room’s disappeared. In its place is another world. Describe what you see, and hear and what you do next?

Doodle Art by Momma Kim.

it is a semi – abstract rendition of what started out as a small cutting of a philodendron plant that we received from a friend a few years ago that has now grown exponentially and takes up most of the window in which we originally hung it.  I named her "Phyllis".  I got a lot of practice drawing vines and leaves, although the only thing about it that's really abstract is the color of the pot, which in the original version is a simple basic black plastic hanging pot. I decided to change it up to rainbow.

Artwork by Alexis

Artwork by Matt L.

Artwork by Chris S.

Artwork by Michael U.

February 2023


The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

This month the group had an exercise in exploring Pareidolia with some random pictures of nature. That started all sorts of essays. The pictures are in the same block as their corresponding writing.

Was it Just my Imagination?

What a Wonderful World?

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Looking at the same picture many of us came up
with very different viewpoints of what was in the picture or at least what we interpret within a
picture. in this activity I looked at one specific picture for my writing and I saw possibly five
different which to see faces, people and animals.
Oh but if I dare to blink the illusion would a go away as quickly as it came. Using the picture of
the trees which look like hands I saw a man on his knees and his hands up and surrender
between the second and 3rd trees and a little ways back I can see a woman in a tank top and
skirt. if it was scared and she look like she may have been waiting for someone. Just in front of
the man on his knees between it’s like your parents and some portion of his head hiding behind
the tree and if you come closer to the closest tree roots you will see what looks like a donkey
hiding in the c a v e. But if I looked away I would see something totally different with just another

By Karen H.

Images above seen in the photo below.

December 2022

For Storytellers this month we had a special Holiday design treat. Craig, friend of our group and floral/greens instructor, helped the group create a lovely centerpiece for the holidays. What a great way to end the year! We also enjoyed some warm beverages and chatting about the upcoming family and friend get togethers. Please enjoy […]

November 2022

Writing prompts –

1.) Imagine a day with your best friend who happens to be your favorite character from a book, movie or TV show.

2.) Write about the day after Thanksgiving

Art project prompt –

Fall color piece with collage or mosaic.

You can paint some sheets of paper before our mtg and cut them up;

You could also spend some time cutting colors and/or words out of magazines 

Tearing paper to make shapes is also fun and different.

Please see the attachments for some ideas about making a collage.

You can also use the mosaic materials.

Artwork by A.R.

Naomi and Joyce decided on a 3D fall project

Artwork by N. D.

October 2022

Storytellers had a guest craft presenter. Our friend has provided Bamboo boxes that can be decorated and inspirational tokens to go inside in the boxes.

Writing prompts: Write about a song and a feeling it invoked in you.

Think about your more distant ancestors and write a story based on what you imagine.

Bamboo Box

Artwork by A. R.

This song means a lot to me because I sang it on my mom’s wedding day.  I knew I wanted to do something special and meaningful.  It took me a while to find the song but once I did, I rehearsed it for 2 1/2 days and once I heard the vows that were said I knew I chose the perfect song. (N.D.)


Sanctuary is a song written by Sarah Siskind, Jill Andrews and Gary Nicholson

Turn the light off

Go to bed

Tell me all about the day you had

Lay beside me
It’s time to rest
You can close your eyes, you’ve done your best

Let me be your sanctuary
Let me be your safe place to fall
I can take away your worries
The refuge from it all

All this time
We have together
Is our shelter from the rain
I will share the weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

We have weathered
Through the storms
Taking comfort in each other’s arms
When the dark clouds come again
I will lift you up and take you in

Let me be your sanctuary
Let me be your safe place to fall
I can take away your worries
The refuge from it all

All this time
That we have together
Is our shelter from the rain
I will share the weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

I will share this weight you carry
Let me be your sanctuary

Artwork by Momma Kim.

September 2022

September was a relaxed month as many people were not able to make it.

Art prompt: Paint, draw, or create something for someone else. No theme for this, it can be anything you’d like!

Writing prompt ideas:

Write about someone you admire.

If respect were an animal, what animal would it be and why?

Write about a dream you’ve had.

Artwork by Momma Kim

August 2022

Our art prompt for August is, naturally, heat. Try using the collage or mosaic method to express heat. Heat comes through in design, color and objects.

Writing prompts:

Heat Wave: It keeps getting hotter, and things are also getting weirder. Write a scene or story that describes the strange things happening the hotter it gets. You can be logical, illogical, silly, etc. When temperatures rise, anything goes.

Write about your favorite summer of all time.

Artwork by Momma Kim

The beach!

Artwork by Momma Kim

July 2022

Art prompt: Mosaics

Storytellers is considering a large, community Mosaic project and decided that we wanted to try working mosaic art before we commit. Our mosaic project for this month was simple; given random shapes and pieces of glass, let’s see what we can come up with.

Writing prompt:

1). Choose a photograph and tell the story behind it.

2). Respond to this quote:  “We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic,” Jimmy Carter writes of the U.S. “Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”

Artwork by M.M.

Artwork by Mama Kim

Artwork by J. S.

Artwork by A.R.

JUNE 2022

Summer solstice. Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), the height of its brightness, and the beginning of summer. The summer solstice is analogous to the full moon—a time of celebration, culmination, climax.

Storyteller writing prompts for this ancient celebratory time of year!

1). In summer, we find fierce fire energy raging through the forests. Forest fires have the potential for astonishing destruction. But, that destruction serves a purpose: it clears debris from the forest floor, it kills off disease and illness, it enriches the soil, it provides habitat for new life. Summer is the ideal time to invite that fire energy into our lives – use that fierce fire to burn away the things you’re resistant to letting go of.

 2). Imagine a world where daylight operated differently: Perhaps four hours of sunlight is followed by four hours of darkness. Maybe inhabitants enjoy 24 hours of daylight followed by 24 hours of nighttime. Or maybe the night never comes at all. What impact do these light/dark changes have on the world’s inhabitants?

3). Design your perfect summer day. What does it look like? Who is with you? What activities are you enjoying?

4). Admire what is shining in your life.Where are you finding joy and inspiration?
What people, habits and places are supporting you?

5). Write about your summer rituals.

Art prompt.

Paint, doodle, collage or use clay to create your summer joys!

How We Move

Collage by Mama Kim

Summer Joys

Artwork by A.R.